New York’s crime crisis is the direct result of Albany politicians putting criminals first. Thanks to bail reform, which has created a revolving door for violent and recidivist criminals, crime rates have risen across the state.

Michael Henry’s opponent supported the dangerous measure.

After riots broke out in New York City and small businesses were looted and fires set, the current Attorney General decided to sue the New York City Police Department. And adding to the anti-police sentiment, she even introduced a program bill in the state Legislature to make it impossible for all police to make split second decisions during arrests.

How could the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of New York not support law enforcement?

That changes with Michael Henry, who understands the danger of police work as the son of a retired officer. 

As your next Attorney General, Michael Henry, plans to work with law enforcement, local prosecutors and local communities to tackle the crime crisis by providing every resource and investigative tool needed to sweep our streets of violence.


Andrew Cuomo became the latest posterboy for Albany corruption, but the public’s trust in government has long waned.

Michael Henry wants to restore integrity, heighten transparency and root out corruption.

He would seek to restructure the Attorney General’s Public Integrity Division through legislative action, and partner with local prosecutors to address corruption. 

The culture of pay-to-play and bid-rigging must end.


Grieving families of nursing home victims deserve justice.

As Michael Henry traveled across the state, he met people personally affected by COVID’s biggest tragedy and Andrew Cuomo’s reported cover-up of death toll numbers.

While the current Attorney General released a report after mounting public pressure, she failed to launch a criminal investigation into the matter. The victims deserve an Attorney General willing to use the full power of the office.